Matt Quinlan Percussion


As an adjudicator my main goal is to provide your students with the most clear information possible to aid in their musical growth. My comments also aim to assist in programming and other student performance aspects, as well as rewarding achievement, increasing technical understanding, and encouraging effort. 

  • Marching Band Competitions
  • Solo and Ensemble Festivals
  • Drumline Competitions
  • Concert Band Competitions
  • Individualized Auditions

& Private Lessons 

Private lessons teach your student how to practice. A student spends more time alone with their instrument than with a teacher. A young musician needs to learn how to practice alone. This is what private lessons accomplish. Once your student knows how to practice, musical skills are acquired at a quicker pace.
Private lessons set the student up for success. As your student learns with a lesson instructor, they will learn more quickly the fundamentals of playing. A solid foundation is built faster and your child will be happier and more successful.
Private lessons build confidence! Private lessons help minimize frustration. Every child deserves personal attention to help boost morale between them and their instrument.

Private lessons provide individual feedback. Instant technical corrections specific to each student are provided. This one-on-one instruction isolates your student's personal needs on a weekly basis.  

Private lessons improve motivation. Lessons will help your student set goals and give them the proper step-by-step instructions to obtain those goals. 

Lessons are $60 per hour at Quinlan Percussion Studio.  


Masterclasses benefit your program in many ways. They are essential for having another set of ears on a section or an ensemble; a second voice for students to hear confirming concerns and explaining musical and technical ideas.

We will work together to tailor the masterclass to meet your programs individual needs. T echnique, Sound Quality, Listening Skills, Note Learning or Memorization, Musicality and Interpretive decisions: are just some of the things that we can consider and focus on to help your students become more musically mature performers.